Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Traffic Cop Ballet

Just saw this clip on the BBC:

Police in Romania are taking ballet lessons from professional dancers, so they can direct traffic more gracefully.

The aim is to achieve elegance in their movements, which could also ease the stress of drivers who are waiting at a red light.

Where are thier tu-tu's and leotards?

Got any stories of crazy courses from the UK?

Friday, 22 February 2008

Radio Ga-Ga

Some of you may be aware of this story. The story of the two PC's who were fighting over who was going to drive the van on the night shift because it had a new radio.

Well I can tell you that it wasn't over the van with the new 'police' radio as the press are reporting it was over the van with the FM radio.

Because this all happened on the evening of the UEFA cup final and PC Emerson-Thomas wanted to listen the the footy!

Today he has been found not quilty, despite all the witnesses being police officers!! The judge allegedly adding it was a trivial matter. I don't call 8 stitches trivial!!

I feel for Pc Bartlett who was forced to pursue the matter by the bosses.