Thursday, 15 March 2007


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Now I'm not trained to the level required in order to pursue vehicles. Its a three week course before you can even put the blue lights on and then even more weeks training for the next grade.

I know accidents can happen but hitting a lamp post??

Really that is a bit embarrassing!

Now there may be an issue with the fact the officers were a little out of practice I suspect there aren't to many pursuits in this part of the world. (only joking boys)


RoadLegal said...

I've just linked to your blog from a comment on PCBLOGGS.
You have interesting and amusing posts.
I hope that you keep adding to this blog.

You appear to be learning from 'the job' and we non-jobbers can learn from you.

totallyun-pc said...

your link doesn't work old bean. First visit here... just saying hi!

Big Fella in Blue said...

Charlie, have just linked you to mine. Feel free to come on over and add your thoughts.

PC Dogberry said... an officer with some of that there advanced driver training, I'd have to say (maybe I'd have to shout) some strong words to myself if I'd been the driver. Looks like an "advanced ticket motor" too....there's nothing quite like having to get on the radio and ask for a supervisor to attend your location, all your mates will hear it and know what's happened in a flash.

Tip...if you're on Airwave, ask the operator to point to point you instead of blabbing your crash all over the nick!

dickiebo said...

I must object to this one-sided story. Did the lamp-post move? At what speed was it travelling? Did it 'indicate'?
A poor effort, though your attitude will undoubtedly change after your Advanced Driving Course.
Good luck.

Andy C said...

Just very lucky it was a lamp post, not a person.

I have no respect at all for reckless driving, whether it be from either a "boy racer" or from a supposedly highly trained and experienced professional who knows better and should show an example.