Monday, 4 June 2007

Burglar Bill

Ooops, the Beeb have an interesting story.

A police station in Northern Ireland was burgled after the last one to leave forgot to lock the door and turn on the alarm.

I think that person needs to look here.


Pawpads said...

I had to break into a police station once.
The morning of Millenium Eve, I had to go and sort out a load of packed lunches for the Coppers on duty, 'cept the other Chef's hadn't left the key out in the pre~arranged place. I had no choice but to break in through one of the kitchen windows.

It went down like a sack of spuds, I tell thee.

Anonymous said...

one of our local stations - you know where the 9 to 5 units live, have on several occasions left windows open and that has led to the alarm going off. The night I was working know one new the code for the alarm so we had to sit outside for several hours, great use of resource.

Major Look said...

Nice to see everyone makes a mistake - but still a tad worrying when it is a Police station :-(

Mousie said...

That's priceless!

"Sinn Fein assembly member Alex Maskey wondered if perhaps "the 20 unopened bottles of milk" on the doorstep had tipped off the robbers."

Sinn Fein have a sense of humour? Who'd have thought it?