Saturday, 21 July 2007

The Knife

Here's a tale that I was told whilst in training. Although it sounds like a tall story judging by the miss match of random knives, forks and various other kitchen utensils lurking in the cutlery draw in our nick I can see it could be true.

Some years ago there was a small rural station that the powers that be had decided needed knocking down and a new station needed to be built in its place. So the old station needed to be cleared out.

As one of the officers was clearing out the property store he came across some photos of a murder that had happened many years previously. There were of course pictures of the victim, the murder scene and the murder weapon. The murder weapon was a distinctive long wooden handled bread knife, with a serrated edge, and where there was once two prongs on the end of the knife there was now only one.

Hmmm, the officer thought to himself this knife looks familiar. He then realised this murder weapon had someway found its way into the cutlery draw and they had been using it for all these years since!!!


Girl With The Golden Touch said...

That's gross!! Funny story though!

Charlie X said...

Are they STILL churning out that story???!! I got hit with that one in training school in 1992. Great story... but even better mileage. Urban myth.

Noddy said...

yes there's definitely an edge to that tale.

Sylvia said...

Are you quite sure it's just an urban myth, Charlie X?

My ex was charged with attempted murder after he stabbed me with one of my own kitchen knives and, after the evidence was returned to me, I washed my blood off it and put it back in the kitchen drawer. I use it regularly. Why waste it? After all, I can vouch for its sharpness and effectiveness in cutting raw meat. ;-)

(I know, girl with the golden touch... 'Gross!', right?)

Charlie Lima said...

Boddy hell Sylvia!!!