Thursday, 17 January 2008

I predict a riot…

(Well ok not a riot, but some miffed off policemen at least)

Yes folks its stand up and be counted time. January the 23rd 2008 one week from now is where its all going to change! (or maybe not)

The police federation are marching on the capitol, in response to the back stabbing and underhand Jackie (spliff) Smiths decision to not pay us the pay rise the independent arbitrators recommended.

Ok so I’m not expecting scenes like when the anarchists protest, just some well mannered grumbling from some polite police officers. However if you don’t make the effort to go you can’t complain when nothing is done.

Having said that I believe this is not just about the £130 or so I’ve been deprived off. It’s about bringing attention to an untrustworthy, deceitful and hypocritical government.

They can’t be trusted with there own book keeping, so how can we trust them with our money (yes you Peter Haine) ?

They go back on agreements (yes you Jackie Smith).

They say public sector workers can’t have above inflation pay rises then give themselves 6% on top of their already large salaries with expenses (yes all of you).

Gordon Brown seems to forget he is in an extremely privileged position, he is an unelected Prime minister. No general member of the public has ever voted for you Mr Brown. The cabinet has changed so many times since the last election, that this government does not reflect the government that were elected by the population.

So what ever your gripe, whether you are a nurse, a teacher, a prison officer, an officer from Scotland or whether you are just fed up and frustrated with this current administration please join us in London next Wednesday!

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Annette said...

Good luck on wednesday.