Thursday, 24 January 2008

Yes son your Grandad was there

Well maybe it'll be something to tell the grandchildren about one day. I took some pics of the day for all those who couldn't make it.

This is the start.

When we were first told about the white baseball caps at some motorway service station I was very dubious. However from the ground they had a great visual impact, all you could see was sea of white it was great. Initially I thought what a waste of money I'm never gonna wear this again, but then again I suppose they will probably come in handy next year!!

Here's a pic from the BBC website taken from admiralty arch.

Here's the view from the ground.

Well it seems like the government aren't taking any notice tho. As for Jackie Smith not even turning up what an insult. Yeah sure it would have been a difficult day for her. But if we all didn't turn up for work when we were expecting a difficult day where would we be??

There are now rumors the government want to force us to change the pensions we signed up to!!


Anonymous said...

I marched in the Police Wifes demonstration in the 70's and both hubby and I wished we could have been there supporting our police.

I hate this government with a passion. They wouldn't survive in this country earning what the police do. Good luck I hope the bi&^h changes her mind, even though I don't think so.


TWINING said...

You were there too?

PCSO Bloggs said...

Looked like a good turnout.

Anonymous said...

Please show your support for disabled police officers.

The Government is aiming to slash their pensions.

Sign the petition on the No 10 Downing Street web site at:

You can read more about this disgraceful situation from Clint Elliott, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of NARPO - the National Association of Retired Police Officers here:$365656$5.htm

Many thanks,

John McCall

p.s. Please feel free to forward this email to anyone you think might be interested.